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Nitrogen Generator Start-up Sequence

1. Open the air supply valve of the air compressor storage tank to ensure that the working pressure of the instrument panel air in the air circuit is 0.8 to 0.9Mpa when the air compressor is operating normally, and operate it strictly according to the running air compressor; the air compressor is running under full load. After all operations are normal, drain dry water from the air compressor's storage tank.

2. Start the freeze dryer and cool it for 5-10 minutes. Immediately open the filter valve of the filter unit and drain the residual water.

3. Air is compressed through the activated carbon filter into the storage tank. When the working pressure of the storage tank rises to ≥ 0.8Mpa, open the gas bypass valve of the absorption tower, and pay attention to check whether the system software is normal in each operation;

4. Turn on the main switching power supply of the nitrogen generator, turn on the PLC switching power supply in the electrical control cabinet, and turn on the nitrogen generator operation key on the control panel of the electrical control box or the operation key on the industrial touch screen.

5. After the system software reaches the operating conditions, turn on the power of the nitrogen analyzer control switch.

6. Adjust the size of the bypass valve, slowly open the outlet valve system software for operation, and adjust the inlet and outlet working pressure of the pressure regulating valve, so that the pneumatic control valve works at about 0.5Mpa.

7. When the instrument panel enters the test state, adjust and test the total flow system software to detect the normal operation of the instrument panel, then adjust the purity of the nitrogen analyzer alarm, and check whether the purity alarm, alarm sound, and light are normal.

8. Open the exhaust valve that is not closed, generally close the shut-off valve in front of the nitrogen flow meter, adjust the total flow rate to half of the rated air volume, and carry out nitrogen production with small air volume. After the vapor is qualified, slowly open the pure gas inlet and outlet shut-off valves, adjust the total flow to the rated total flow, and close the self-exhaust shut-off valve. When everything runs normally, the nitrogen generator can be used.